DIY Bachelorette Tumblers

Bachelorette Party Crafting.

Wow. I can’t believe the bachelorette festivities for my brother’s fiance are already over! The party started around noon on Friday a few weeks back, but for me it began weeks prior because I was on a mission to craft some cool stuff.

The bachelorette party took place at Kalahari in Sandusky, so right away I knew we all needed cute tumblers to sip from while poolside. There were so many adorable options to choose from on Etsy, but I wanted something a little more personal – and let’s be honest – cheaper. There were a total of 12 girls attending the party and at about $15 a pop, ordering custom cups was out of the question.

I was able to score some (free) tumblers with straws, only problem was my handwriting is not the greatest so I wasn’t convinced personalizing them with a Sharpie was a good idea. So I turned to PowerPoint. The bride’s colors for her wedding are coral so I whipped up some coral circle designs. Once I printed the labels, I wrapped them in clear tape. We were going to a pool, so they had to be somewhat waterproof. I finished them off with a little bling bling and attached them to the cups with a lace-type string.

Bachelorette Party Labels

Once the cups were personalized, I found some adorable paper roses (in corals and pinks) at the dollar section of Michael’s. Now, I know what you are thinking….I just wrapped the labels in tape to make them waterproof and now I purchased paper roses. That doesn’t make much sense, but trust me, I had a plan! I purchased some clear spray paint. Not only did it protect the roses from water, but made them much more sturdy.

My final step was to attach the flowers to the cup. I thought about tying them to the straw but then I found these adorable mini clothespins, I spray painted them with coral (white for the bride) and attached the paper roses to them and clipped them to the straw. I think they turned out pretty darn cute.

DIY Bachelorette Tumblers

A few other crafts I put together were a sign for the door and a hashtag sign….then I got a little carried away….

DIY Bachelorette Door Sign

Sign for the hotel door.

Bachelorette Hashtag

Everyone needs a hashtag for their bachelorette party!

Bachelorette Party Game

Photo scavenger hunt.

Bachelorette Game

Match the hubby with the female celebrity.

Bachelorette Ring Game

Everyone took a ring & it got taken away if you said ‘wedding’ or ‘bride.’ The gal with the most rings at the end of the night won.

Bachelorette Party Pudding

Perfect example of me getting carried away….pudding shots with fun sayings.

Fun DIY Bachelorette Gift

Barf bucket for the bride-to-be. (she didn’t have to use it…booo)

DIY Bachelorette Party Gift

DIY gift of kisses from the bridal party (missing one lady in this photo).

DIY Bachelorette Party Decorations


We had an blast! Only 40 more days till she’s hitched!


One Step Closer To A Chemical-Free Lifestyle.

I’ve gone and done it. I’ve done the research, I’ve become a believer and I’ve turned my hard-earned money over in exchange for products that are organic and free of chemicals. The beginning of my obsession to find the right organic company/product offerings came from an article that was recently brought to my attention. The brand in question; Johnson & Johnson. The product; the No More Tears shampoo. The added ingredients in question; formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen (carcinogen definition: substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue). Ehh emmm WHAT is in my baby’s shampoo?!

The mom in me started to scour the internet for an alternative product. With just a little research, and much to my surprise, a lot of products claiming to be ‘green’ or ‘natural’ were far from it. When you look at the ingredients of a product and there are 15+ listed, chances are that product has one ore more harmful chemicals.

I learned about Earth Mama Angel Baby when a friend told me about their pregnancy products, particularly products for after birth. I went back to the company’s website to see if they offered any shampoos and lotions (because the chemicals in the baby Aveeno lotion I was using were also called into question which BTW is owned by guess who…Johnson & Johnson). Earth Mama Angel Baby had a few different formulations to choose from and after comparing them to companies like Arbonne and California Baby, I decided to go with them. My first reaction to the shampoo was that it didn’t smell quite as good as Johnson & Johnson, but it also doesn’t have the fragrance ingredient either – which happens to be found in virtually every product we use. ‘Fragrance’ is so incredibly broad that it’s questionable as to what ‘fragrance’ is being used. Some mixes have been associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and potential effects on the reproductive system. The lotion however, I absolutely love. It’s not greasy and makes peanut’s skin silky smooth.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Products

After my shampoo/lotion kick, I started learning more and more about all the junk (like fragrance) found in the products I use on a daily basis and while I haven’t replaced my entire bathroom with chemical-free products, I have made a few changes. First up is my antiperspirant.

Did you know that the primary ingredient in antiperspirants is aluminum which is used to block the sweat from escaping your pores? Did you know that aluminum has been directly linked to breast cancer in woman as well as an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease? Those are two reasons enough for me to switch! Through my search, I learned about a direct selling company called Poofy Organics. It’s a family-owned and operated company out of New Jersey. What attracted me most to this company was the fact that they make every single product on their own in the USA. They don’t deal with manufacturers outside of the country. I was also intrigued by the fact that they are also a direct selling company. Since I am obviously becoming passionate about a chemical-free lifestyle, if I ended up liking their products, maybe I would start selling them on my own. While I really like the deodorant I purchased, I haven’t decided to sell their products just yet. I also purchased their sunscreen (more information on this in a later blog) that I didn’t care for. So, I would like to try out a few more of their products.
Poofy Organics Deodorant
Side note: as of last summer, Johnson & Johnson has removed formaldehyde from their products. That’s not to say their products still contain other questionable ingredients. And though I commend them for reformulating their products, in my eyes, that doesn’t make up for the fact that they were at one time manufacturing products that contained a known carcinogen.

DIY Recipe Box

For Christmas, I purchased a recipe box for my mom from Amazon that was a complete bust. When it arrived, the wood box was chipped and was held together by a few flimsy hinges, one of which was snapped in half. Luckily I was able to return it, but in the process, my Christmas gift was a complete fail and I couldn’t find any other recipe boxes that I liked. So, when all else fails and I can’t find what I want, I make it myself.

I found some ahhh-mazing stationary paper at Michael’s that I feel in love with. After visiting THREE craft stores for a wood box that was the right size, I came up empty handed. But Pat Catan’s did have $5.00 pre-made recipe boxes that would work perfectly for my project.

I myself had a pretty old recipe box that was in need of some serious TLC so before I started making my mom’s recipe box, I practiced on my own.

DIY Recipe Box

I removed all of the existing paper and started to size the new paper, cut it and glued it with Modge Podge. I’m a little frustrated because I couldn’t get the paper to line up perfectly, but at the end of the day, it still worked. Once all the new paper was glued on, I added another layer of Modge Podge to the paper to seal it all in place. I followed it up with a ‘recipes’ tag and I was done. And I love it.

Simple DIY Recipe Box

My mom loves butterflies and I found the most perfect paper ever. Following the same steps as my DIY recipe box, I made one for my momma-sita:

Simple DIY Recipe Box

Have you recently put your DIY skills to good use after not being able to find what you were looking for? I’d love to hear your DIY conquests!

My Spring Wish List.

If you live in northeast Ohio, you can relate to my desire for spring to arrive, like yesterday. It’s my favorite season of all because everything gets a fresh start. The yard gets cleaned up from any leaves left behind in the fall raking extravaganza, the flower beds get a spruce up, color gets added to the front porch in the form of hanging baskets and, well, you get the picture. It is refreshing and makes me happy. I am over the moon with excitement!

And with the new weather comes a new wardrobe. Here are some of the pieces I have been eyeing.

1. Saffiano Satchel 

Saffiano Satchel

2. Steve Madden Jeweled Bow Flats

Steve Madden Jeweled Bow Flats

3. Rose Gold Bar Necklace. 

Rose Gold Bar Necklace

4. Loose fitting simple tank top.

Loose fitting tank top

5. Boyfriend Crop Jeans

Boyfriend Crop Jeans

What is on your wish list this spring?


Update: One of my wishes has been fulfilled after purchasing this lovely rose gold bar necklace from BaubleBar (first time buyer and had a great experience)!
Spring Wish List