Bathroom Update Take Two.

For far, far too long, we have been staring at and showering in an old, outdated bathroom and this weekend I had enough! If you recall, last year we started our inexpensive bathroom update project before baby Battin was born. The idea was to make it a quick and relatively inexpensive project. After running into some plumbing issues, that inexpensive update left an expensively bad taste in my mouth. And while I had plans to potentially redo the floors and maybe even the vanity, I threw my hands up in surrender. Luckily, the beautiful shower was enough to get me through another year.

And so, here we are again. I have been eyeing Craigslist for some time hoping to come across a vanity (with or without a top) that would fit our space. It’s been over a month and nothing. Nada. Then one day as my husband was bathing Liam, he went to shut the vanity sliding door and smashed his finger pretty bad. Again, I threw my hands up in surrender. That was it. Time to do something about this ugly, now dangerous, room.

Bathroom Update

Our bathroom prior to destruction. Adios ugly tile and fugly vanity.

Project to do list:

  • Remove and replace baseboards
  • Remove and replace vanity and top
  • Remove and replace closet door
  • Sand and paint any imperfections
  • Install new flooring
  • Give the closet a paint refresh
  • PURGE AND REORGANIZE (my personal favorite)

Demo day (the easiest) came and went in a flash. The man of the house did most of the work. My responsibility consisted of running after LT and keeping him busy.

Bathroom Demo

He-man hard at work.

Now that everything was removed, it was my turn. I’ve become the resident tiler in our house. A few years back I tiled the laundry room and spare bathroom.

trafficMASTER Ceramica Install

(never mind the mess, please)

Now, you may be thinking, “Whoa I might hire this gal to do my tile floors too!” Not so fast, though this may look like ceramic tile, PSYCH it’s not. It is actually vinyl peal and stick tile. It’s called trafficMASTER ceramica and let me tell you, it is one of the more amazing products I have ever come across when it comes to home DIY. The tile is thick and has beveled edges which gives you the ability to grout and best yet….the only tools needed for cutting is a straight edge and an exacto knife. Simply score and snap! There are tons of how to videos online and the product is only sold at Home Depot.

Now, that said, I always always underestimate how much time it actually takes to lay this stuff out. To do it right, you have to work from the center of the room and work your way out which means, if you are unlucky like me, you may have to cut tiles on each end of the room. One day later though, our room looked like this (pre-grout because the floor has to adhere 24 hours before you can grout).

trafficMASTER ceramica tile


And now….after grout……

trafficMASTER Ceramica with grout

trafficMASTER Ceramica with grout

Stay tuned for the rest of the project reveal.


Not your grandma’s hutch.

My grandma pasted away several years ago when I was a teenager and after her passing, my mom inherited her china hutch. So naturally, when my mom decided to update her entire living room, she passed the hutch down to me. Enter new project: furniture update!

Hutch Before Paint

While the hutch was pretty and petite, it was not technically all wood. Parts of it were made of particle board. Right away I was ecstatic that this furniture update would not involve staining as I didn’t think it would be appropriate for the particle board. Instead, I decided that it needed to be transformed from a wood, stained hutch to a painted hutch.

I started off explaining the project to a coworker of mine who, luckily for me, also loves furniture update projects. I brought in one of the wood drawers that he took home to strip and sand for me. My original plan was to strip and sand the rest of the doors and sections made of wood, but then I came across this: Klean-strip Sander Deglosser. This product is perfect for those furniture updates that you don’t want to strip and sand.


The directions were so easy! Pour the deglosser onto a course rag and rub in a circular motion over the desired area. I repeated this method twice over every section of the hutch. From there, since I was planning on painted the hutch, I went back over the entire hutch with a light sand paper, followed by primer.

Finally, the fun part came – painting! I love this part because it is the first time that your updated furniture starts actually turn into something nice. After two full coats, some touch-up coats and new hardware, I had myself a painted hutch.

Painted Hutch

The last part was probably the most difficult. I really wanted this painted hutch to be different and unique to my style. Thanks to Pinterest, I came up with the idea to wrap fabric around the backing behind the glass. It was the perfect way to transform my updated furniture from old to modern! The hardest part was picking out a design that matched the living room and the dining room since these two rooms in our house are connected to each other. Surprisingly, I found the perfect design from Walmart!

Walmart Fabric

I wrapped the fabric around the back piece using Elmer’s Spray Adhesive from Pat Catan’s, asked my husband to nail it in place and voila! My new piece of updated furniture: a freshly painted hutch.

hutch before and after paint

hutch after paint

I image grandma is either really proud of me, or rolling over in her grave. I like to think it’s not the latter.

Do you have a question about my furniture update? Leave it below in the comments section!

What you see is what you get.

For a few months now, I have been collecting photos of my crafting projects and filling up Word documents with how they were done. I’ve gone back and forth wanting to start a blog of my own, but it wasn’t until my fellow co-worker, Rachel, started her blog, The Reveler, that I decided it was time.

Generally speaking, just about every week day around 5:00 pm, my husband receives the following text or call, “Are you going to be home on time after work to let the dog out?” This usually means one of two things – I am heading to the gym (I love to run) after work, or I need to run into Pat Catan’s. And by ‘run into Pat Catan’s,’ I mean, spend at least 45 minutes there, along with $50 more than I had originally planned.

I currently work full-time in the advertising industry. When I’m not at work managing clients, I like to craft. To me, the idea of crafting is synonymous with taking on a challenge. Can you turn this ugly piece of furniture into a work of art? Can you string these beads into a pair of earrings for next week’s part? Challenge accepted! And when I am not crafting, I organize. My motto is, “An organized life is a happy life.” I love giving everything a home, even if it means spending $75 on baskets to hold a pile of light bulbs and wash cloths.

Truth be told, I wouldn’t have so much passion if it wasn’t for my encouraging, loving husband of 2+ years. He always thinks the highest of me and loves everything I create. And if by chance he does not love it – he tells me that, too.

While I am starting this blog to share my crafting, organizing and home improvement projects with the World Wide Web, I started finding my zazu for no one other than myself. I wanted a place to keep all of my ideas, visions and creations. All of you reading them is just an added bonus.

So what does finding my zazu mean? Not to be cufused with the bird character from the Lion King, zazu (pronounced za-zoo) is defined as something special, a passion, a feeling like love. Zazu is precisely what is inside me when it comes to organizing, crafting, home improvements, designing, cooking, running, music and now, anything babies thanks to my new baby boy, Liam. The blog name pretty much speaks for itself. By reading this blog you will be witness to me finding my zaza through everything I create.