My Spring Wish List.

If you live in northeast Ohio, you can relate to my desire for spring to arrive, like yesterday. It’s my favorite season of all because everything gets a fresh start. The yard gets cleaned up from any leaves left behind in the fall raking extravaganza, the flower beds get a spruce up, color gets added to the front porch in the form of hanging baskets and, well, you get the picture. It is refreshing and makes me happy. I am over the moon with excitement!

And with the new weather comes a new wardrobe. Here are some of the pieces I have been eyeing.

1. Saffiano Satchel 

Saffiano Satchel

2. Steve Madden Jeweled Bow Flats

Steve Madden Jeweled Bow Flats

3. Rose Gold Bar Necklace. 

Rose Gold Bar Necklace

4. Loose fitting simple tank top.

Loose fitting tank top

5. Boyfriend Crop Jeans

Boyfriend Crop Jeans

What is on your wish list this spring?


Update: One of my wishes has been fulfilled after purchasing this lovely rose gold bar necklace from BaubleBar (first time buyer and had a great experience)!
Spring Wish List


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