I Had The Time Of My Life (Pun Intended).

I was immediately transported back to my early teen years when I once snuck into our basement play area to watch Dirty Dancing. It was one of those ‘off limit’ movies but my young self just had to see what it was all about. The movie had probably been released several years earlier, but to me it was new and….forbidden.

Fast forward about 17 years or so and I was taken right back to that moment when I saw the movie for the first time. For Christmas, my mom surprised both myself and my brother’s fiancee with tickets to see Dirty Dancing the musical at Connor Palace in Playhouse Square. Days leading up to the show, I blasted the soundtrack anywhere I could. At work on Spotify. In the car with my very own two disc soundtrack I received as a gift years ago. In the bathroom on my iPhone. You name it. I don’t think my mom knew just how excited I was for the show until I shared my daily musical obsession with her, nor did she know about my sneaky late night viewing of the movie years ago. Welp, she does now.

Walking into the theater, there were a lot more men than I anticipated and I couldn’t help but wonder how many of them actually ever saw the movie or how many of them were there just to impress their date. Maybe a first date? Maybe a devoted husband wanting to share in his wife’s interests? These were the thoughts going through my head as I stood in line to get my bedazzled souvenir cup.

Dirty Dancing The Musical

Side note: I saw the show a little over a week ago and have used my cup every.single.day. (Don’t cringe – I’ve washed also it every.single.day, too. Well, almost).

Back to the show…..1:30pm and it was SHOW TIME! Nothing can get my heart pumping like the opening musical number of Dirty Dancing (the movie) and the show replicated it perfectly. I laughed (a lot), smiled (a lot) and got a little misty eyed when baby ran into Johnny’s arms for the final dance. It was perfect show and a perfect day with my momma and soon to be sissy-in-law. And we may, or may not, watched the movie together as soon as we got back home.

Dirty Dancing Musical Review

For your added pleasure, United Healthcare just produced this super funny commercial. You’ll understand why I’ve included it once you watch:


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