Our First Trip To The Dentist.

Despite the countless books, articles and mommy blogs that I have read since learning I was pregnant in 2013, I never learned that a trip to the dentist should actually take place when your little one starts to get teeth. Say what? News to me! I mean I guess it makes sense. Even though they are just baby teeth, a lot of damage can be done to permanent teeth if a problem arises and isn’t caught in time.

With a quick Google search for Pediatric Dentists in Cleveland, Ohio, I came across quite a few results. I was interested in about three of them so I went to their websites to learn a bit more. Ultimately I chose Giggles and Grin in Broadview Heights. They seemed to have a lot of offered services, and the dentist, Dr. Becky, completed her education in Ohio. Call me weird, but I really gravitate to doctors who are originally from around here. And being that I am in marketing, I found their website pleasing. I also liked the fact that they were on social media. Again, a weird quirk of mine, but what was really attractive to me was the photo gallery. It gave me a first-hand look at the office and what to expect. There were also lots of photos of Dr. Becky posing with kids after their appointments. It was evident that she really loved her job.

So, onto the appointment. It ended up being a mommy-Liam trip because daddy had a work meeting. When we walked into the office, it was just as good, if not better, than the pictures I saw online. We were greeted with bright colors, toys and cartoons. Liam darted right to the choo-choo trains. Prior to our appointment, the receptionist told me that I could download new patient forms via their website so that when I got to the office I could keep my attention on Liam….LOVED this idea…..forgot the papers!

The actual room where Liam had his cleaning was equipped with fun colored chairs, toys and even a television on the ceiling. He wasn’t too into the TV when it came time for the cleaning, but I’m sure if he was older he would appreciate it more. Dr. Becky went through what she would be doing to Liam for the cleaning, where to lay Liam on the chair and away she went. She brushed, scraped, flossed and checked out his gums for more incoming teeth. The procedure probably lasted about 5 minutes but the appointment lasted a bit longer because she explained when to start giving him fluoride toothpaste, how to care for his teeth and so on.

At the end of our visit, I was informed that Liam will be entered into the ‘No Cavity Club’, an adorable idea where Dr. Becky takes pictures of children with no cavities and puts them on a board in the office. She also shares it on their Facebook page. As we are sitting there chatting on the floor after his picture was taken, Liam decides that Dr. Becky is pretty cool and sits on her lap (I died. Seriously kid. Could you get any cuter?!)

Liam got a toy for his good behavior (a little plastic dinosaur) and we were on our merry way. I loved, loved, loved Giggles and Grin and we are looking forward to our next appointment in 6 months!
pediatric dentist

Side note: we also got this cute little hand-written note from the dentist thanking us for our visit. You don’t get too many of these personalized gestures any more these days!
Pediatric Dentist


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