A weekend of firsts.

The Thursday following Easter has always been the start of the Geauga County Maple Festival  and lucky for Chardon-ites, Easter came late this year, so the festival didn’t have to be cancelled on an account of being buried under several feet of snow. Of course being from Chardon, I drag my husband to the Maple Festival each and every year for a weekend full of bad food decisions. This year, however was extra special as it was Liam’s first Maple Festival!

Maple FestivalFrom the picture, you can totally tell just how excited he was.

Not only was it LT’s (Liam Thomas) first Maple Festival, it was also where both mine and my mom’s first race would take place. Last year, I signed up for the five mile Sap Run, but ended up finding out I was pregnant a few months earlier and physically did not have the energy to run five miles. I promised I would sign up next year. I blinked twice and next year was here! Being the loving daughter I am, I made my mom sign up with me. Though she thought it was a good idea at the time, after spending 11 days sick before the race, her mind was made up that this was the worst idea ever and she had a heartless daughter for not letting her back out. As we both stood at the start line surrounded by veteran runners with their water bottles tied around their waists and their short shorts despite the 32 degree temps, I too was starting to think this was the worst idea ever.

Of course as it turned out, it was a blast. The best part of course was when we approached four and a quarter miles and saw my adorable peanut sporting a onesie made by AK Grafix that said “Go Grandma Proy & Mommy Kick Butt!”

AK Grafix Custom OnesieWe treated ourselves to a huge breakfast at Spinner’s Good Time Diner, which if you haven’t been, you gotta! It was delicious.

Will we do it next year? You betcha (I say that now…)

Maple Festival Sap Run





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