Baby tales: road tripping with a little one.

We survived our first road trip with the little man! Last weekend the three of us traveled down to Cincinnati so I could attend the bachelorette festivities for one of my dearest friends. I was a tad anxious to see how Liam would behave during the 3-1/2 hour car ride, but I should have guessed he would be an angel! The trip there and back took about an extra hour because we stopped to feed/change him so he would stay on his routine, but the end result was a very happy baby!

Packing for the trip was quite the experience. I started making my list on Monday to ensure I wasn’t forgetting anything. Judging by this picture my husband took, you may have thought we went a tad overboard, but I assure you, almost everything we brought was necessary….almost.

Packing for babyHere is a quick rundown of what came in handy, what we could have done without and what we wished made the trip with us.

So glad we packed it:

  • Bottle Brush & Dish Soap: Rather than packing one bottle for all of Liam’s feedings (6 per day), I packed just enough for one day’s worth of feedings and then cleaned them once we got to the hotel. It was much easier than packing 12 bottles.
  • Pack N Play: Though this was a no-brainer, thought I would list it anyway.
  • Stroller: My husband and I went back and forth on whether or not we should bring Liam’s stroller. In the end, we were happy to have it. When it came time to devour the continental breakfast at the Hyatt Place, we were able to roll Liam right up to the table. We probably could have gotten away with a simple umbrella stroller though.
  • Cooler: A small cooler full of ice was essential in keeping Liam’s milk fresh and cold during our trip,
  • Bath Wash & Towel: We planned to take Liam on his first dip in the pool during our stay and didn’t want all that chlorine on his skin. We brought his body wash and bath towel to give him a bath afterwards.
  • Bottle Warmer: Since we stopped to feed Liam while on the road, the bottle warmer was a must. We have a travel warmer we bought from Target that plugs right into the adapter.

Traveling with babyWhat we could have done without:

  • Video Camera: I brought our video camera with the intention of filming Liam’s first swim, but there ended up being quite a bit of people in the water and I didn’t want them thinking I would catch them on film. We opted to take snap shots with our camera instead.

baby swimmingBath Tub: As mentioned earlier, we intended to give Liam a bath after his swim. Unfortunately, our room just had a shower so using the tub really wouldn’t work.  We opted to stick him in the sink instead, which worked just as well.

  • Formula: We’ve recently had to start supplementing Liam’s feedings with formula and though it was a must to bring, I went a little overboard. Two bottles a day is all he gets. I packed enough for nine. It may have been too much, but at least I was prepared.
  • Toys: We probably could have gotten away with packing only a few toys. One of which would have been his plush toy from Target which we have loving named ‘buddy’ and his teething rings.

Target ToyWhat we should have brought, but didn’t:

  • Burp Cloths & Bibs: Sure I brought these, but I underestimated the recent drooly-ness of my peanut. A few extra would have been nice to have.
  • Noses Sucker: I totally forgot this and felt awful. Luckily, Liam wasn’t too stuffy despite the lack of his humidifier.
  • This last item really isn’t an item, it’s more of a packing lesson. We packed the water and his diaper bag in the back of the SUV. When it came time to feed Liam, it would have been nice to have the water and other essentials at arm’s reach so we could have warmed his bottle prior to stopping the car.

All-in-all, I think I did pretty well! And though my husband loathed multiple trips to the car, I assure you, everything was necessary.





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